Tricheurs Introduction

Tricheurs ( which also means Cheaters in French ) is a 1984 French crime drama film about a gambling addict Elric who lives in the fast lane and goes through extreme highs and lows. Namely, the thrill of winning and the despair suffered when losing. The film is set on the island of Madeira. It was directed by Barbet Shroeder and starred Jacques Dutronic as Elric and Bulle Ogier as Suzie.

The Main Story

Elric is a compulsive gambler who was raised in a household of servants to a family in the Castle on the hill. At an early age, Elric decides he wants to buy the Castle as he imagines owning that luxurious and prestigious property will bring him all the happiness his heart desires.

Gambling is paramount in his life. When he wins, he is often given gifts by the casino. Yet, his winnings seem trivial as Elric never seems to enjoy them. He even feels unsettled when the casino does not take his occasional winnings. He has a gambling partner Suzie, and both of them walk on the razor’s edge of hurting and helping one another. This is all before Elric gets caught up in the world of a cheater named Jorg.

His relationship with Jorg changes everything there is more travel involved as they cheat their way into wealth which Eric always gambles away. It sees the obsession of winning take control of his life which leads him to cheat; however, as time passes, he realizes that winning is not as satisfying as he imagined. The strange part is he only feels alive when he loses.

The Ending

This film is the allure of the unknown, and the ends see Suzie come to the realization she must get Elric out of Jorgs trap for his own sanity and safety.

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