The Cincinnati Kid

The Cincinnati Kid The Cincinnati Kid is a 1965 American film directed by Norman Jewison and starring Steve Mcqueen and Edward G Robinson. It tells the story about Eric “The Kid” Stoner ( Steve McQueen ), a downbeat poker player. He struggles to make his name in the Poker world, and this quest leads him to challenge Lancey “The Man” Howard ( Edward G Robinson ), who is considered the best poker player at that time.

Main Story

The Kid is an up and coming poker player in New Orleans in the early 1930s, but he wants to be at the top of his game and be considered the best poker player globally.

He hears that a world-class Poker player has arrived in town and sees it as a chance to finally become “The Man” by challenging him to a game. He is cautioned by Shooter, a friend of his who reminded him that he previously thought he was the best five-card stud player until he lost.

Howard organises a game with wealthy William Jefferson Slade, who secures Shooter’s services as the dealer. Howard wins $6,000 from Slade in a game that lasts 30 hours. This made Slade angry, and he tries to bribe Shooter into cheating in the Kid’s favour when the Kid plays Howard. Shooter declines, as he is an honest man, but Slade calls in Shooter’s $12,000 worth of markers and blackmails him by threatening to reveal damaging information about Shooter’s wife, Melba.

Howard and the Kid have their game, but the Kid tells Shooter not to cheat as he wants to win fair and square.

The Ending

Kid lands up losing the final game and walks away with a bruised ego.

Egos and being winners drive The Cincinnati Kid’s theme where players can win or lose as they take high-risk gambles with no guarantees. Of course movies are all about how far things can be taken, whereas the average real world experience of poker, roulette, slots or any other casino games are more about fun and moderation.

In the modern world the likes of Online Casino Bluebook bring a realistic and trusted casino experience to the fore and all in the convenience of your home, which can’t be bad. Movies are all about the extremes of a ‘thrill’, whereas with your own play, you can easily set limits and craft your own experience rather than worrying about anyone elses.

Specific to the theme of the movie, again online there is certainly no shortage of poker experiences, tournaments and the like. Some are for big money, some small, but all are enjoyable and appealing to players all over the world. Nowadays you can create your own Cincinnati Kid experience from the comfort of your own sofa!

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