Smokin’ Aces

Smokin' Aces  Smokin’ Aces is a dark comedy action thriller movie written and directed by Joe Carnahan. It revolves around a Las Vegas magician who has turned mafia informant and has decided to rat out one of his mob on whom there is a million-dollar bounty.

Released in 2007 it has an all-star cast which includes Ryan Reynolds, Ben Affleck, Ray Liotta, Alicia Keys and Jeremy Piven. It’s an action-packed film filmed at the Montbleu Resort Casino & Spa called the Nomad Casino.

Main Story

The film sees Buddy Aces Israel ( Jeremy Piven ) hiding out in a Lake Tahoe hotel where he discusses a potential immunity deal with the FBI Deputy Director and other agents.

They learn that the mob boss Sparazza has put a hit out on Israel and the assassin known only as the Swede has been tasked with killing him. Furthermore, he has to take his heart back to Sparazza as proof he has eliminated the informant that could put him away for years.

Messner ( Ryan Reynolds ) is an FBI agent tasked with protecting Israel in turn for his testimony. However, the FBI double-crosses him, resulting in the deaths of many innocent people.

The Ending

Messner is furious over the unnecessary deaths and protests. His boss tells him he is off the case and orders him back to Washington.

Realizing that the FBI will never admit what they did, he walks into the emergency room where Israel and Sparazza are lying injured. He locks the door and pulls the plug on both of them, killing them instantly.

He then lays his gun and badge on the floor, apparently resigning from the FBI.

There is tons of mayhem and adrenalin rushing moments, and these all occur due to Buddy Aces wanting to go to the casino for one last good time, thereby drawing a crowd of assassins.

Once again it portrays the need for that one last gambling rush even if it could cost you everything.

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