Revolver Revolver is a 2005 British and French crime thriller co-written and directed by Guy Ritchie, Madonna’s ex. It stars the well-known and popular Jason Statham (Jake Green), Ray Liotta (Dorothy Macha) and Andre 300(Avi).

Revolver is a macho parable of a man who has fallen from grace and is out for revenge.

The Main Story

Macha is a crime boss who controls illegal gambling, and when he loses his card man. He chooses a replacement card man who is a successful gambler. The replacement card man is Jake Green, but he refuses to accept the job.

The crime boss starts harassing his family and threatening to kill his brother and brother’s niece if he doesn’t comply.

Jake eventually has no option and becomes the card man.

At one of the casino games, Jake shoots an opponent which leads to his arrest. Macha keeps Billy’s family hostage to ensure Jake does not bring his name into it and Jake receives a 14-year prison sentence. He is, however, given the option to choose to serve the 14 years in a normal, or seven years in solitary confinement. He chooses the solitary confinement option.

While in prison he meets a con-man and chess player and they work out various chess moves to ensure they can always beat the game. The formula could be applied to any game and not just chess.

The Ending

Upon his release from prison, he sets out to get revenge on Macha by using his mathematical formula and getting the money to get his niece back. Macha soon realizes that Jake is no longer scared of him and that now only death awaits him and preferably by his own hands. He, therefore, commits suicide.

Revolver is about gambling in life and its consequences and how egos and power are man’s biggest downfall. The movie was a box office flop as it had an overcomplicated storyline.

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