Even Money

Even Money  Even Money is a 2006 American film directed by Mark Rydell. It stars Nick Cannon, Forest Whitaker, Kim Basinger, Kelsey Grammer, Danny DeVito, Tim Roth, Jay Mohr, Carla Gugino, and Ray Liotta. It was also released in theatres on May 18, 2007.

Even money has an elite cast and concerns three strangers whose lives intertwine through their gambling addiction. They are a novelist, a former stage magician and an older brother of a college basketball star.

The Main Story

Even Money is a crime movie highlighting how addiction to gambling leads to destruction and bad choices.

Carolyn Carver is a published author who gambles away her family’s life savings while her husband and daughter think she is working on a new book. Along comes Walter, a struggling wannabee magician with a gambling problem who befriends Carolyn. Clyde Snow, the third character, is the brother of a college basketball star and hugely in debt to gamblers and turns to his younger brother for assistance in the form of shaving points at games.

As the story unfolds, Carolyn’s husband becomes frustrated with her continual absences and ultimately catches her gambling and asks for a divorce. Walter gets information about the rigged basketball game and places everything he has on the outcome and convinces Carolyn to do the same, which will lead to their demise. Unbeknown to them, Clyde tells his brother his gambling debt is settled, which is not the case; however, Clyde’s life is threatened by Victor an abusive and violent criminal, hence ensuring his brother does not lose the game.

The Ending

The game’s outcome has devastating consequences as happens to many gamblers searching for that next big win. Stakes get higher, and they lose everything, including their families, which happens to Carolyn. Even money also has a twist that adds that extra feeling of anticipation.

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