Casino  Casino is a gambling movie released in 1995 and directed by Martin Scorcese. It is based on the non-fiction book called Casino: Love and Honor in Las Vegas. Casino has a big name cast and stars Robert de Niro, Sharon Stone, Joe Pesci, Don Rickles, Kevin Pollack and James Woods.

The Main Story

Casino follows Sam Ace Rothstein, a Jewish American played by De Niro. He is an expert gambling handicapper who is asked by the Chicago Outfit to manage and oversee the Tangiers Casino’s daily runnings in Las Vegas. Ginger McKenna, played by Stone, a former dancer, and prostitute, is married to Ace and she is a streetwise chip hustler with whom he has a daughter.

Casino details Sam’s casino operations, which come with numerous difficulties. In particular, the Mafias involvement and his gradual breakdown of relationships and standing in the gambling industry as Las Vegas starts to change.

The Ending

During his time at the Tangiers, Sam doubles the Mafia bosses’ profits, which of course they skim off before paying tax. However, in 1976 Sam fires his slot manager Don Ward for incompetence. When Ward’s brother-in-law, Clark County Commission chairman Pat Webb, hears about this, he tries to convince Sam to rehire Don.

However, Sam refused, so Webb uses his influence to ensure that Sam’s gaming license gets denied by the relevant authorities.

This puts Sam’s position at the Tangiers casino in jeopardy. Moreover, it angered the Mafia bosses, and they brought in an incompetent Kanas City Underboss to oversee the operations. He wrote everything down in a notebook which the FBI gets their hands on, resulting in an investigation.

The FBI shut the casino down in 1979. Sam life comes full circle when he eventually retires to San Diego as a sports handicapper, ending up right where he started.

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