Casino  Casino is a gambling movie released in 1995 and directed by Martin Scorcese. It is based on the non-fiction book called Casino: Love and Honor in Las Vegas. Casino has a big name cast and stars Robert de Niro, Sharon Stone, Joe Pesci, Don Rickles, Kevin Pollack and James Woods.

The Main Story

Casino follows Sam Ace Rothstein, a Jewish American played by De Niro. He is an expert gambling handicapper who is asked by the Chicago Outfit to manage and oversee the Tangiers Casino’s daily runnings in Las Vegas. Ginger McKenna, played by Stone, a former dancer, and prostitute, is married to Ace and she is a streetwise chip hustler with whom he has a daughter.

Casino details Sam’s casino operations, which come with numerous difficulties. In particular, the Mafias involvement and his gradual breakdown of relationships and standing in the gambling industry as Las Vegas starts to change.

The Ending

During his time at the Tangiers, Sam doubles the Mafia bosses’ profits, which of course they skim off before paying tax. However, in 1976 Sam fires his slot manager Don Ward for incompetence. When Ward’s brother-in-law, Clark County Commission chairman Pat Webb, hears about this, he tries to convince Sam to rehire Don.

However, Sam refused, so Webb uses his influence to ensure that Sam’s gaming license gets denied by the relevant authorities.

This puts Sam’s position at the Tangiers casino in jeopardy. Moreover, it angered the Mafia bosses, and they brought in an incompetent Kanas City Underboss to oversee the operations. He wrote everything down in a notebook which the FBI gets their hands on, resulting in an investigation.

The FBI shut the casino down in 1979. Sam life comes full circle when he eventually retires to San Diego as a sports handicapper, ending up right where he started.


Kakegurui  Kakegurui is a Japanese movie/series produced in Japan in 2019 and Directed by Tsutomu Hanabusa. It is still running as a series on Netflix.

The story is set at a High-Class Elite School in Japan called Hyakkaou Private Academy. The students that attend the school are all from high profile families with many future leaders in the student body.

The difference between Hyakkaou private academy and other schools is that the Academy focuses on gambling. Students are ranking depending on how much money they give to the Student Council. In the council, students gamble against each other, and if they win, they earn prestige and popularity among their peers. However, if they lose, they become slaves (housepets) to the council’s other members.

They receive nicknames like “Kitty” and “Doggy” and wear tag collars around their necks. These Housepets who have not cleared their debts by the time they graduate pay their debts with their lives.

The Plot

Yumeko Jabami is a second-year student who is beautiful and intelligent. However, she is a compulsive gambler that gambles for the thrill of gambling, not for the money and social standing that the other students strive for.

She does not believe in playing by the rules and does not use logic either, which results in upsetting the other student body members. Added to this, was the fact that she had an uncanny ability to sniff out gambling scams.

The Ending

Most of the series revolves around how the student body frantically tries to shut her down. The scenes show Yumeko Jabami beating her opponents, including the President of the Student Body Council. There are, however, lots of twists and turns and we don’t know the conclusion yet as the series is still running on Netflix, with season 3 due to be released in early 2021.


Kaleidoscope  Kaleidoscope is a 1966 movie directed by Jack Smight. The cast is Warren Beaty, Susannah York, Clive Revill, Eric Porter and Murray Melvin. ( Not to be mistaken with the 2016 movie of the same name )

It is about a pretty girl luring a luckless gambler into a dangerous poker game in a nutshell.

The Main Story

Barney Lincoln ( Warren Beaty ) is a wealthy American playboy who meets an attractive dress designer in London called Angel McGinnis ( Susannah York ). However, he only has one memorable date with her before he leaves for Geneva.

Once he gets to Geneva, he breaks into the Kaleidoscope card factory, which was the factory that made all of the playing cards for the casinos in Europe.

His reason for breaking in was to etch secret marks on the printing plates so that he could make money at the casinos using these cards.

He then goes to Monte Carlo, where he is reunited with Angel, and makes a fortune gambling using the marks on the cards. He also went to other European casinos and continued to win more money until he returns to London with Angel.

The Ending

He soon finds out that whilst he was in Monte Carlo with Angel, she became suspicious of his winnings and tells her Father Manny, a Scotland Yard Detective.

Manny then tells Barney that if he doesn’t want to be arrested, he must help him capture Harry Dominion, a drug smuggler who liked playing poker.

Accompanied by Angel, Barney sits in on a game with Dominion and wins every single hand. He even one a hand played with an unmarked deck. Dominion was not happy about losing, so he uses Angel as bait to lure Barney to his country estate where he beats him up and takes back his money.

Barney and Angel try to escape but are chased by Dominion’s henchmen. The movie ends when Manny and his detectives from Scotland Yard arrive to rescue Barney and Angel.