The Colour of Money

The Colour of Money The Colour of Money is an American Sports film directed by Martin Scorsese. The film stars Tom Cruise and Paul Newman, with Helen Shaver, John Turturro and Mary Elizabeth Mastrantonio, in supporting roles.

The film is predominantly about a high stakes game of nine-ball pool and a pool hustler.

The Main Story

A former pool hustler “Fast Eddie” (Paul Newman) decides he wants to return to the game but this time with a pupil. He meets talented Vincent (Tom Cruise) and sees that he and his girlfriend Carmen ( Mary Elizabeth Mastrantonio ) could become hustlers with a bit of guidance.

They form a partnership, and Eddie teaches Vincent how to hustle, and scam whilst Carmen lures players to the pool table. The 3 of them go on a tour through the country to hustle at the various pool halls.

However, Vincent’s tendency to brag and therefore warning potential players off and losing money, soon leads to a confrontation with Eddie.

Eddie has become frustrated with Vincent’s showboat antics, and the partnership is dissolved.

However, they get back together when Vincent agrees to rein in his bragging and arrogance.

Eddie is inspired to play again after watching numerous pool games, so he gets himself a pair of corrective sunglasses and has some modest wins.

The Ending

However, one day he gets taken by another pool shark and is left feeling humiliated. Eddie leaves town but leaves Vincent and Carmen with enough money to make it to Atlantic City.

The Colour of Money highlights hustling opponents and how their lives become consumed by mistrust and unhappiness, all for that adrenalin rush of winning.

The movie also has an ambiguity surrounding the female characters viewed as objects of comfort and fear and beings that these two men desire and loathe themselves for wanting.

Let It Ride

Let It Ride Intro

Let it Ride is an American comedy released in 1989 and directed by Joe Pykta. It is based on a 1979 novel called Good Vibes by Jay Cronley. It stars the well-known Richard Dreyfuss as Jay Trotter, Robbie Coltrane, Teri Garr, Jennifer Tilly and many more prominent actors. It’s about a loser cabbie who receives a hot betting tip from a friend leading to wins on every bet he places and how the perpetually upbeat attitudes of people can persist whether they are losing or winning.

The Main Story

The plot revolves around Jay Trotter, and his friend Looney, both washed out cab drivers. Looney has a hidden microphone in his cab and records his passenger’s private conversations. He hears two men talking about an upcoming horse race where unethical practices are at play by the owners and the trainer, and it’s a sure thing to win big. In the late 80s, prior to online sports betting or sites, hearing a ‘hot tip’ to some was like gold dust.

The two then go to the track where they place a $50 parlay on the horse, even though Trotter promised his wife he was quitting gambling the previous day. Trotters horse wins, and he receives a payout of $710. Now armed with a new sense of confidence he approaches the two men who Looney had the recording of and out of goodwill they give him another good tip on the next race. He again places a large bet and wins. Sensing it’s his lucky day he intends to “Let it Ride” parlaying all his winnings on every race. Trotter is arrested at the track due to mistaken identity, and this leads to a series of more lucky events unfolding and proving his loyalty and love for his wife. Again this movie less centred on casino games, like poker or slots for real money and more sport, but there are many similarities within these worlds.

The Ending

Many events unfold during the course of the day, but the main one is where Trotter places a final bet of $68000 (his total winnings) against his friend Looney’s advice. The race comes down to a photo finish with Jay having a perfect day as his horse once again came in first. In terms of gamblers movies it’s fairly wholesome and definitely an enjoyable watch.

Uncut Gems

Uncut Gems Uncut Gems is a 2019 American thriller directed by Josh and Benny Safdie. Uncut Gems sees a charismatic jeweller make a high stake bet that could lead to a life-changing windfall, but there are no guarantees because it is, after all, a gamble which could go either way.

The film stars Adam Sandler as the main character, playing the role of Howard Ratner. The film also stars Julia Fox, Lakeith Stanfield, Kevin Garnett, Eric Bogosian and Idina Menzel.

The Main Story

Howard Ratner is a Jewish American Jeweller in New York, who also has a gambling addiction.

In 2010 Ethiopian Jewish miners recover an expensive rare black opal smuggled into the USA from Africa by Howard in 2012. He intended to sell the gem to pay his gambling debts to his brother-in-law, a loan shark. It’s a world away from best online casino south africa, though of course physically the same area of the world.

When the opal arrives at his store KHM basketball star Kevin Garnett spots it and becomes obsessed with the gem.

He insists on holding onto the gem as good luck charm for his game that night to which Ratner reluctantly agrees and accepts Garnets 2008 NBA Championship ring as collateral.

The Ending

Ratner immediately pawns the ring and places a six-way parlay on Garnett playing well which he does. Howard wins $1.2million and is ecstatic, but then things go belly up as the loan shark sends his goons after Howard resulting in them shooting him. As you can see the movie is as much based in sports, and specifically sports betting than it is offline or the best online casino sites. Nowadays of course there is so much crossover between these two worlds.

The film when all is said and done highlights the mayhem caused by greed, and the destruction that can be cased by it. The movie received many good reviews and was a box office hit. It is almost universally views as one of Adam Sandler’s’ best movies. There is a certain irony to that asĀ  Adam Sandler’s agent initially rejected the script.